Food for fullness.

AIP Paleo Meatballs

Text & images by Andréa Jernmark.


Beef, chicken and/or turkey meatballs

Meatballs can be the best thing ever. You can add so many flavours in one tiny meatball. After pan frying it you either eat it hot immediately after or cold as snacks later. I love to add onion, garlic and parsley in my beef meatballs. I love making meatballs of either beef, chicken or turkey meat. They taste different, equally as tasty though, but for health reasons all organic and hormone-free chicken and turkey meat is just plain and simply better for the health. 

Flavour mix to die for

I love to eat my meatballs with thinly sliced carrots and parsnip sticks with thyme and olive oil that I oven bake. To add even more flavours, I love eating it with a guacamole as well with cilantro and no tomatoes. Got to be AIP Paleo.