What is expected of us?

In order for us to communicate as clearly as possible, I always suggest my clients to send me a brief. Some sort of indication of what you are looking for. Usually, I ask of my client to send me examples, visual ones, perhaps a photograph that you like because of the lighting, the background or the styling. Links to websites are appreciated too, as long as it is clear as to which of the possibly many photographs you are referring to on the website. 

How long does a photography session normally take? 

A photography session normally last1-8 hours depending on what kind of product photo you need, if it should be extracted from the background, if styling is required and so on. 

When can I expect to receive my photographs? 

Once we are finished with the photoshoot. I will go through the product photos and select the best ones. I will send you these product photos so that you can choose your favourites. Once you have selected your favourite ones, I will work on the final touches on these product photos which takes up to 1-7 days depending on if you choose 1 or more product photos. The amount of product photos you select, if it is one product photo or 200 product photos, I am going to base my price-per-image rate on the final amount of product photos you have chosen.

How much does it cost? 

I always charge a per-hour-rate of 840 SEK per hour for the photography session. Notwithstanding the amount of photographs chosen in the end. I charge a price-per-image rate on top of the hourly photography rate. So depending on the amount of photographs you choose in the end, the price-per-image change. For 1-10 photographs you are charged 320 SEK per image. For 10-20 photographs you are charged 280 SEK per image. For 20-50 photographs you are charged 180 SEK per image. For 50-100 photographs you are charged 150 SEK per image. For all images above the amount of 100, you will be charged 120 SEK per image. If you are in need of creating an image from multiple already existing images, making a collage so to speak, it also constitutes as a price-per-image rate and is charged accordingly.